Version 2.2 (withdrawn 23 August 2019 and replaced with V2.2.1)

The Residential Valuation Industry Group (RVI) released a revised version of the ABFI Residential Valuation Standing Instructions, Version 2.2, on 14 August 2019.  

Prior to its effective date, the RVI Group made some minor revisions to Section 10.8 ‘Split Contracts for Multiple Dwellings Residential Developments, and as of 23 August 2019 have released V2.2.1 which comes into effect on 1 October 2019.

V2.2 has been withdrawn.

Details of V2.2.1 are available at here.

The current edition of the ABFI RVSI, namely version 2.1, remains in place until 30 September 2019.  At copy is available at; click here.