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APIV’s obligations to monitor Members’ compliance with the various requirements

The APIV must discharge its own compliance obligations to its Regulator, the Professional Standards Councils (PSC), by checking the compliance of members through the annual membership renewal process and random audits.

As noted above, the APIV’s role in checking or auditing compliance of members is an administrative function carried out for the sole purpose of administering the Scheme.  It is not the APIV’s role to advise the Member as to its compliance obligations and the APIV makes no representation or warranty to Members as to whether or not they are compliant at any particular point of time.

The obligation remains at all times on the Member to ensure that they are and remain compliant with the requirements of the professional standards legislation and the APIV Scheme.  Members should take their own legal and/or insurance advice. Ultimately, only a Court can make a determination as to whether a Member has met these obligations.