Applying for Professional Membership

Which membership do I choose?

Review the membership pathways to ensure you are applying for the correct membership and that you meet the requirements.

What is the process?

Applications for Professional Membership have three steps:

  1. Application Fee and provision of relevant documentation
  2. Approval of application and progression to assessment (if applicable)
  3. Payment of membership fee and admission to membership (Please note: your membership will not be active until payment of the membership fee invoices has been received)

How long does it take?

Depending on the membership type the process may take up to three months. To ensure this process is efficient as possible make sure you supply ALL required information with your application. Incomplete applications will cause a delay in the process as we are unable to progress your application until all information is provided. 

Timeline for Professional Membership Applications (this process can take up to three months):


What information do I need?

Each level of membership has different requirements. Please review the step-by-step guide prior to purchasing your application.

Ready to apply?

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