Associate Membership

Associate Membership recognises your academic qualifications and industry experience. 

Associate Membership is open to those who have completed an API accredited course and who have at least two years’ experience within the past four years. If you don’t yet have the required experience you can apply for Provisional Membership or Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer.

Associate Members may use the post nominals AAPI and have full access to member benefits and voting rights at state and national level. Associate Members may apply for a range of certifications dependent on their experience and specialisation in the industry. Associate members who are successful in achieving a certification may use the certification in addition to the post nominals (e.g. AAPI CPV or AAPI CPM).

What is the eligibility for Associate Membership?

All applicants for Associate Membership must: 

  • Meet the educational requirements and prerequisites for Associate membership and the relevant certification
  • Meet the relevant experience requirements for Associate membership and the relevant certification
  • Applicants may apply for Associate Membership without a certification. A certification can be applied for at a later date as long as the member meets the criteria. 

How do I know what is required for my chosen certification?

Each certification has its own requirements and pre-requisites. Click on View Certications below to view the full list and the experience requirements:

View Certifications
API CertificationFor applicants with more than two years of experience in:
No Certification Property
Certified Practising ValuerCPVValuation of Real Property
Certified Practising Valuer (Business)CPV (Bus)Valuation of Businesses
Certified Practising Valuer (Plant and Machinery)CPV (P&M)Valuation of Plant and Machinery
Certified Asset ManagerCAMAsset Management
Certified Commercial Property ManagerCCPMCommercial Property Management 
Certified Development PractitionerCDPProperty or Land Development (including Construction) 
Certified Facilities ManagerCFacMFacilities Management 
Certified Funds ManagerCFMFunds Management 
Certified Property PractitionerCPPProperty Transactions (including Sale, Leasing and Negotiation) and/or Corporate Real Estate and/or Property Consultancy and/or Property Research
Certified Property Practitioner – Education CPP (Ed)Property Education 
Certified Property Practitioner – Finance CPP (Fin)Property Finance
Certified Property Practitioner – Government CPP (Gov)Property within Government
Certified Property Practitioner – LawCPP (Law)Property Law 

How is my application assessed?

Assessment AreaRequirement
EducationalApplicants must meet the API’s academic entry criteria.  Applicants must complete the Future Property Professionals Program prior to application
ExperienceApplicants must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience obtained in the previous 4 years
CompetenceCompetence is assessed through assessment of work experience, sample reports and an interview

How long is the process?

Depending on the certification, applications for Associate Membership take approximately three months to complete, including the professional interview process. 

Additional Information

Membership Fees

There is an application fee for this membership. Once your membership has been approved you will receive a pro rata invoice for the membership fee. Your membership is only active once payment has been received.

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