Why should I use a Member of the API for my property requirements?

The Australian Property Institute is Australia’s peak body for property professionals.

The API has set and maintains the benchmark for professional practice standards, codes of conduct and ethics, and plays a key role in industry by providing members with essential tools and information.  API members are highly regarded and respected throughout Australia for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise, and the highest standards of quality and performance.

Membership to the API is synonymous with traits and qualities such as integrity, service orientation, experience, specialist expertise, and high levels of education and training.  API Members are subject to qualification and experience criteria to obtain membership and are then required to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements to keep abreast of changes. 

API members include property and facility managers, property educators, property lawyers, plant and machinery valuers, property valuers, professional property advisors and analysts, bankers, fund managers, and accountants.

Suggest an improvement to our service

I have a comment or suggestion on ways to improve services to Members.  Who should I contact to discuss these ideas?

The API is always interested to hear from Members with their suggestions.  We value and encourage feedback from our Members.

If you have a comment or suggestion on ways to improve our services to Members, please contact your local Member Services Manager or the Chief Executive Officer on (02) 9299 1811 or via email.

Forgotten passwords

I cannot remember my password.  How do I login?

The Login option appears in the top right of each page (or as part of the main menu on a mobile device).

Click the Login option then on the Request new password link.  Add your email address on the following screen and click the Email new password button and information will be emailed to you.

Updating Member contact details

How do I update my contact details with the API?

To update the information held by the API about you please Login to your account (the Login option appears in the top left of each page (or as part of the main menu on a mobile device)).

Under the My Account heading:

  • Go to Personal Details then Additional Details to update your contact phone numbers and email address.
  • Go to Personal Details then Addresses to update your postal address information.

Company/Business Names

To ensure that the API's business records remain as accurate as possible the ability to change the name of the business you work for has been disabled.  Please go to our Change of Company Name form to request a change. 

Confirming API Membership

How do I know if a property professional is a Member of the API?

Members of the public can contact the API to confirm if someone is a Member of the API.  The API can provide details of the Member’s Name, Membership Classification, Employer and Business Phone Number.  

Any requests for further details will be subject to the API’s Corporate Privacy Policy.

Online payments

How can I pay online?

You can purchase your membership, event tickets, courses and shop products on our website using a number of online payment options.  If you need another method to purchase from the API, please contact us.

Event registrations and updating your contact details

I provided new contact details when I last registered for an API event but the API's data hasn't updated with those changes.  Why is that?

For privacy reasons we do not permit changes during the event registration process to update your personal data.  This is because someone may register for an event on your behalf.

To update your contact details please Login, go to My Portal and select Personal Details and/or Addresses to update your details.

Joining an Interest Group

How do I join an Interest Group?

The API website allows you to see information which is specific to your interests. This includes news and event content.

To personalise your website experience, please set your Interest Groups and Regional Interest Groups.  Once these are set, all users with an account will see their personalised list by choosing Recommended from the drop down list or by visiting My Portal.

To do this, Login and go to Interest Groups and also to Regional Interest Groups

Interest Groups

Setting Interest Groups give you the ability to determine which content is most relevant to you.

To join or leave an Interest Group please visit each group individually.  By joining an Interest Group you can filter across the website for recommended content and view relevant news and events.  You can join any or all groups – the choice is yours.

The Interest Groups are:

  • Commercial Property and Facilities Management
    This Interest Group relates to commercial property and facilities management.  The API offers qualified and experienced property managers for commercial properties our Certified Commercial Property Manager and facilities managers can access our Certified Facilities Manager Certification.
  • General
    This Interest Group covers the widest range of API events and news.  It is recommended that users join this group to ensure that they receive he widest possible range of information.  It is important that you also join the other Interest Groups which are of interest to you to ensure that you receive the most relevant information
  • Professional Standards
    Professional Standards includes the Australian and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards, Technical Information Papers, Standing Instructions, Standard Instructions and more.
  • Property Business Management
    This group contains news, updates and information for the managers of property related businesses.  
  • Property Consultancy
    This Interest Group relates to those who provide the wide range of advice better known as property consultancy.
  • Property Finance, Funds and Asset Management
    This Interest Group relates to property finance, funds and asset management.  The API offers qualified and experienced practitioners in these areas a range of Certification options.
  • Property Law
    This Interest Group relates to property law. The API offers lawyers with a background in property related matters our Certified Property Professional - Law Certification.
  • Property or Land Development
    This Interest Group relates to property and land development.  The API offers qualified and experienced Property Developers our Certified Development Practitioner Certification.
  • Rural Property
    This Interest Group relates to rural property. 
  • Sales, Leasing & Negotiation
    This Interest Group relates to the sale, leasing and negotiation of property.  The API offers qualified and experienced professions operating this this area of property our Certified Property Practitioner Certification.
  • Valuation: Business
    This Interest Group relates to the valuation of businesses.  The API offers qualified and experienced Business Valuers our Certified Practising Valuer - Business Certification.
  • Valuation: Plant & Machinery
    The Interest Group relates to the valuation of plant and machinery.  The API offers qualified and experienced Plant and Machinery Valuers our Certified Practising Valuer (Plant and Machinery) Certification.
  • Valuation: Real Property
    This Interest Group relates to the valuation of real property including residential, commercial and rural properties.  The API offers qualified and experienced Property Valuers our Certified Practising Valuer or Residential Property Valuer Certification.
  • Young Property Professionals
    The API's Young Property Professionals, also known as YPP, create future leaders by providing a number of networking and educational events. Young Property Professionals are generally (but not always) under 35 and come from a diverse property background including valuation, management, funds management, agency, banking, legal, consultancy, development and REIT's.

Regional Interest Groups

Regional Interest Groups give you the ability to determine which content is most relevant to you by geographic region.

To join or leave a Regional Interest Group please visit each group individually.  By joining a group you can filter across the website for recommended content and view relevant news and events. 

There is a Regional Interest Group for each state as well as an Australia-Wide Group. (Please note that being part of the Australia-Wide group does not mean that you will receive all content, only that which does not relate specifically to any of the other Regional Interest Groups.)


To join an Interest Group or a Regional Interest Group:

  • Step 1
    Click on the Group you want you wish to join (or leave).  This will take you to joining page for that Interest Group.  For direct links to Groups please go to Interest Groups or Regional Interest Groups
  • Step 2
    Click on Join this Group to join or Leave this Group to leave.
  • Step 3
    You will be asked to confirm this decision. Once complete, you will be taken to the Interest Group page where you will find various tabs for Upcoming Events, Latest News and Related Resources.
  • Step 4 (optional)
    The Invite a friend button will allow you to send an invitation to a friend or colleague.

Change your employer

Company/Business Names

To ensure that the API's business records remain as accurate as possible the ability to change the name of the business you work for has been disabled.  Please go to our Change of Company Name form to request a change. 


Contact us

I am with the media and would like to contact the API regarding issues of interest in the property profession.  Who is the right person to speak to?

The API media relations are managed by the API's Communications Team.  

The National Manager - Communications can be reached via


Membership Number

What is my API membership number?

API Members can view their Member Number from My Portal.

Choose Personal Details from under the My Account heading to view your Member Number.

Moving interstate

I am an API Member who has relocated to another state/territory.  Do I need to advise the API?

Yes please.

API Members are served by their local API office so it is vital that Members advise the API when they move from one state/territory to another.  

Please complete the questions on our Interstate Transfer page to advise the API.

Membership eligibility

Am I eligible to become a Member of the API?

Membership of the Australian Property Institute (API) is based on the qualifications and experience of the applicant. The API endorses courses offered by various tertiary institutions to meet our educational requirements, however, there are a range of educational backgrounds that can provide membership of the API.

For full details of membership eligibility please refer to our Membership Levels page or contact your local API Office. Contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

Membership renewals

How can I access my API Membership renewal?

For existing API Members, please go to My Portal.

From there please go to Transactions under the My Account heading.  The next page will show your purchases and you can print or re-send your Renewal Notice from this page.

Membership Renewal receipts

Where can I access a receipt for my Membership Renewal?

For existing API Members, please go to My Portal.

From there please go to Transactions under the My Account heading.  The next page will show your purchases and you can print or re-send your receipt from this page.

Proof of Membership certificates

Where can I access Proof of API Membership?

For existing API Members, please go to My Portal.

From there please go to Certificates under the My Account heading.


Getting involved

I would like to be more involved with the API. How do I express interest in sitting on the Board or a Committee of the API?

The API is governed by a National Board consisting of seven (7) elected directors who are Members of the API and up to two (2) appointed directors who are Independent persons with skills that add value to the Board.

As a Member you may be eligible to be nominated for election to the Board at the next AGM.  As per the Constitution, the API will put a call out to all Members to nominate for a position on the API Limited Board.  The nomination must be supported by two (2) financial Members of the API.  All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee who will determine the eligibility of the candidate in conjunction with the API Limited skills matrix, to ensure appropriate representation on the Board.

There are also a number of other Committee’s being operated within the API which include, but are not limited to:

  • Governance and Strategy Committee,
  • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee,
  • Nominations Committee,
  • Divisional Councils,
  • Complaints Committee and
  • National Education Committee.

The Committees are operated in accordance with their respective Charter. 

If you are interested in checking the upcoming availability of a position on the API Limited Board and/or an API Committee, please regularly check the API website or contact the Policy and Project Administration Manager on (02) 6282 2411.

Complaint procedures

API complaint procedures

What should I do if I have a complaint about an API Member?

If you have a grievance with a Member of the API, you should first contact the Member to discuss your concerns and attempt to negotiate an acceptable outcome.  Our Members are subject to our Code of Professional Conduct and should conduct themselves accordingly.

If, after taking steps to resolve the issue with the Member you are still dissatisfied, you may lodge a complaint with the API Complaints Officer.  Complaints are handled in accordance with the Complaints Policy.  Further information on the complaints handling procedure can be found on the Complaints Procedures page on the website.

Please note the API does not mediate disputes on grounds of quantum.  A complaint based solely on quantum is outside the scope of the API Complaints Policy process and grievances on this basis should be dealt with through other channels of mediation and/or legal process.

My Portal

My Portal - log in

How do I log in to My Portal?

Go to

At the top of the page click on Login

For mobile users, Login is found by clicking the menu in the top hand corner.

Login screens are also located throughout the site where content is restricted to certain users.

For API Members

All API members have had an account created already. This includes your current contact details, past CPD activities with the API and of course your current membership level which gives you access to the API's Member Only content. 

If you have not logged into the API website before, it is important that existing API Members do not create a New Account.  Instead, go to Login and request a New Password.  This will email you instructions on how to reset your password.

Please use the email you have registered with API.  If you are unsure which email you have registered with API please call (02) 6282 2411 or send an email to:

Create a New Account

How do I create a New Account?

If you are not an API Member, you can create an account which will allow you to interact with the website and register yourself or colleagues for events, post advertisements in the Career Centre, etc.  If you are an existing API member, please see this page for instriuctions. 

To create your account, go to Login then choose Create new account.

You will then be asked to fill in the details for a User account

Please make sure you fill in as much detail as possible. 

Compulsory items are marked with a * and include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • Street
  • City
  • Postcode

Once you have completed the details click on Register at the bottom of the page

After all the required information has been entered and Register clicked you will see the following page:

You will soon receive an email that includes your Username and Password.

This email includes a link which allows you to change the system generated password to one you will remember more easily (see bracketed section above).

You may now login to the API website using the Username and Password shown in the email or click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser

For security reasons this link will only work once.

Reset my password

How do I reset my password?

Password resets start at

Enter your email address and you will receive an email with instructions detailing how to set a password (for first time users) or reset a password for existing users.  

Note: emails will only be sent if the email address provided matches an email address in our database.  

When creating a new account or requesting to reset your password, you will see a screen similar to the image above. 

Enter your new Password and then confirm the password.

Click on Change password & log in

You will then be taken back to the API page and you will be in the My Portal section of the webpage where you can:

  • update your contact details online
  • reprint an API invoice/receipt
  • download Proof of Membership Certificates
  • upload your non-API CPD events online and, once the requirements are met, download a CPD Compliance Certificate
  • view your past CPD events
  • register for Interest Group which are important to you and filter content based on these preferences

(certain functionality is restricted to API members only)

My Portal - what is available

Your My Portal is a powerful tool which enables you to undertake a range of online functions and gives 24 hour access to important.

When you are in My Portal you will see a number of menus down the left hand side of the screen.  Here is a summary of a few of those items:

My Account

Login Details

This page allows you to update your login details.



This page shows the transaction you have made with the API.  It will list transactions for membership, events, online learning, subscriptions, etc.  You can get a copy of previous invoices here.

Personal Details

This page will allow you to change your personal details.  You can also tell us which emails and phone numbers are okay to contact you on.  You can also find you API Membership Number here.


This page will allow you to create and change different address for postal, delivery, billing, journal delivery, etc


Your business name will appear here. 

If you would like to change your Company/Business please complete the form at

Online Courses

A list of any enrolled or completed online modules will appear here.

My Content


API Members can use this page to download their Proof of Membership Certificate as well as their most recent CPD Compliance Certificate.

Interest Groups


Website users can choose content areas of interest to them.  Setting Interest Groups (see will send relevant content only to the Interest Group in your Portal and also provide recommended content across the website.

Regional Interest Groups

Website users can choose regional areas of interest to them.  Setting Regional Interest Groups (see will send relevant content only to the Interest Group in your Portal and also provide recommended content across the website.


You can send us a question at any time, and we will get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.

Purchased Resources, Events & Event Resources

You can find what resources you have purchased, event you have booked in for here.

CPD Diary

This page displays your CPD diary since 2013. For the period from 2013 to 2015, only events completed with the API are visible.

In order to view and calculate your CPD points for the current year (or any period of time), please set the appropriate date filters. Only ‘verified’ points will be calculated towards your CPD point total. Verification occurs when entries are approved by API staff.

Please note that points which appear in the RMM (Internal Use Only) column do not count towards your minimum CPD point requirements. They are for internal API purposes only.


Choose which emails I receive from the API

API Members can select the emails they receive from the API.  To set your preferences:

  • Login at
  • Go to My Portal
  • Go to Communication Preferences on the side menu bar
  • Choose which emails you would like to receive from the API
  • Click Save

Online Purchases

Making payment

How do I complete my payment?

Payment details do not appear on screen when a registration or purchase is made.  Rather, our website uses a Cart system to collate your purchases and allow you to make single or multiple purchases in one location. 

All purchases via the API website will create a transaction in your Cart. Your Cart can be found in the top right for desktop users or in the menu structure for mobile users.  Go to your Cart to complete any transaction on our website.

Step 1

If you decide you don’t want to purchase a particular product/event which is appearing in your Cart, you can click on Remove at the right hand side of the item.

Step 2

When the list of items matches the purhcases that you wish to make please click on Checkout.

Step 3

You will then be asked complete the details for billing (invoice).  Much of this will come up automatically from your record if that information has previously been supplied by you.

Please make sure the follow areas are completed:

  • Country
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address 1
  • City
  • State
  • Post Code

Then click on Next          

Step 4

The next screen will ask you to confirm both your details and the details of your order.  Please take the time to make sure they are correct.

If they are correct please click on Place Order.

If not, please click on Previous to update your purchases or details.

Step 5

The following screen is to enter your credit card details to complete the order.  These are mandatory fields.

  • Card Number
    Credit card number with no spaces or dash characters
  • Expiry Date
    Credit card expiration date
  • Credit Card CCV
    The CCV is normally a 3 digit number printed on the Magnetic Stripe on the rear of the Credit Card.

And once entered then click on


Step 6

You will receive a tax invoice/receipt for your records by email.  For event purchases, confirmation emails will also be sent to the attendee.


Find an invoice

How can I locate an invoice for an transaction?

Within your My Portal you will see a Transactions option under the My Account heading.  At any time you can come back here to print out the Receipt again or have it emailed to you.


Subscribe to the Australia and New Zealand Property Journal

A subscription to the API's Australia and New Zealand Property Journal is included as one of the benefits of being an API Member. 

Non-members can subscribe to the Journal.  A subscription gives online access to each edition as well as past editions back to 2012.

To subscribe:

Once you have made your purchase, please return to to access the Journal.

Online Learning


Introduction to Online Learning

Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that is used by universities and education institutes around the world. Moodle has been chosen as the platform to provide on-line education to members of the API in the form of the eLearning program.

The benefit of utilising the on-line style of learning is that the learning is self-paced, the material can be read and re-read a number of times and the material can be accessed 24/7 by members.

In order to utilise the on-line learning, it is a requirement to have

  • A computer of relevant age and technology
  • A reliable connection to the Internet
  • Ability to access the education website
  • Access to course material

This short guide will introduce you to Moodle, the API’s Learning Management System, so you can understand how to work within the system and maximise your learning experience.

The terms Moodle and eLearning are the same – the online learning system used by API

Moodle is a repository for learning materials.    

It doesn’t think, it doesn’t make decisions, and it doesn’t understand if you ‘change your mind!’

Once you press ‘submit’ for anything on Moodle it is stored in the repository and you cannot change it.

If you need to change something after you’ve pressed submit, you need to contact and one of the systems administrators can go in and change it for you.

Navigating the online learning environment

How do I navigate the online learning environment?

When you first login, you should see a page like this.  

The Main menu on the left lists 4 elements that will give you a bit more information about each – they let you read more text, but don’t do anything.

The Navigation menu on the left, below the main menu, is useful to get you back to this page or around Moodle if you get stuck somewhere later. You can press these options to see where they take you but don’t worry about them for now.

The main section of the page should list the courses you have enrolled in under My courses.
Click the green title of the course to access that course.

Studying your online course

How do I study my Online course?

After you select your course from your Online Learning Home Page, the Navigation menu on the left hand side will expand to include all the elements of your course.

You can move around the course by clicking on any of these at any time.

This is useful if you have not completed the whole course in one sitting and want to come back and do more at another time.

To access the learning materials themselves, click on the green list in the centre of the screen.

As you complete each section you will find that the checkbox on the right hand side gets a tick in it (see image below).  This helps you remember where you have got to.  You can go back and look at something again, even if it has a tick in it.

You can go backwards and forwards, up and down as much as you want, looking at everything in order, or skipping bits; looking at bits again and again if you want to.

Passing an online course

How Do I ‘Pass’ My Course?


If you scroll down to the very end of the list of modules in the course, the last one should be a Quiz.  Not all modules have a quiz, but most of them do.

If you click on the quiz it will bring you to a page like this one.

The ‘pass mark’ of the quiz is given to you in the instructions, in this case it is 80%.

If you fail to get 80% on both attempts you need to register to take the course again.  This is to stop people from simply trying their luck until they get it right, and making sure you do actually engage with the course materials!

You only get two attempts at a quiz to pass.

The quizzes also have a time limit which is very generous if you know your course material.  It is set to stop you from looking up every answer and ensures you know your course material.

When you are ready click on Attempt quiz now

And just in case you hit the button by accident or the phone rings, you will be asked to confirm that you want to start the quiz. Click Start attempt

Quizzes are Multiple Choice / True or False.  For each question, select one of the answers given.

The Quiz navigation (see below) in the top left of the screen tells you which questions you have answered and which you still need to do.

You can go back to a question later on if you want to skip it and answer the rest and then see how much time you have left at the end to go back to the ‘tricky’ questions.

To pause at any time click on Finish attempt

When you have finished Click on Next at the bottom of the Quiz

Moodle will then present you with a summary of your answers (see below).

Moodle will ‘save’ the answers you have given it until you give it an alternative answer.

On this occasion, you can tell Moodle you have changed your mind and go back and change your answers by clicking on Return to attempt.

Once you are happy with your answer selection, you need to click on the button Submit all and finish at the bottom of the summary screen.

If you don’t do this, your quiz results will not registered and Moodle will not register your pass.

You will be asked to confirm that you do want to submit your answers.  Click Submit all and finish.

Course results

Did I Pass My Course?


Moodle will automatically mark your quiz and give you instant feedback on how well you did.

If you did not pass, you can identify the questions you got wrong and go back and revise that content again before resitting the quiz.

To reattempt the quiz, simply click on the quiz at the bottom of the course list again. 

Moodle will now tell you that you are doing your second attempt and will save your new attempt as the second attempt when you submit your second set of answers. 

If you fail twice, you need to re- register for the course again. 

If you passed, you’re finished!


Locate a Completion Certificate for Online Learning

Locate a Completion Certificate for Online Learning

Not every course has a certificate, however, some courses do give you a certificate of completion when you finish it.

Completion Certificates for Online Learning are not available in your My Portal. 

To get your certificate, go to and then Login. 

Go to the course you are seeking a Certificate for.  Click on the certificate option which appears after the quiz option on your course menu. 

This will take you to the page illustrated here.  

Simply click on the Get your certificate button and a pdf file of your certificate will be made available for you to save.

Your certificate will open up in a separate window as a pdf file that you can print and/or save.

For further help or if you have any difficulties or need to re-enrol please email:


International Valuation Standards

Accessing International Valuation Standards

Go to: and complete the form for access

After this you will receive an email advising that you have been given access to the International Valuation Standards and instructions on how to do this via the elearning webpage.

You should receive a copy of this email and instructions within the next business day.

Enrolling in an online course

Please note: Online Learning Modules cannot be purchased in the API's Online Learning platform. 
All Online Learning Modules must be purchased via before they become available in the API Online Learning platform.

Purchase the Module

1. To purchase an Online Learning Module, first Log into the API Website.  

  • Go to:
  • At the top of the page Click on Login
  • You will then be asked to log in - please use the email you have registered with the API.
2. Locate the Module you wish to undertake at and click on the Module name
3. Click Add to Cart
4. Complete the payment steps via the Cart.

Access the Course

1. Once the purchase has been completed, click in My Portal (top right on a desktop browser).
2. Once in the My Portal, click on Online Courses on the left side menu.
3. Click the Access Your Courses Here button.  This will redirect you to the API Online Learning Platform.
4. Login to the API Online Learning Platform if it is not already showing you as being logged in.
5. Select the Module you wish to complete from the available Modules.
Having issues with access? 
Please email of call 1800 111 274.


Risk Management Modules (RMM)

Bulk registrations and in-house workshops

Organisations who would:

  • like to register multiple attendees and/or
  • arrange for an in-house workshop

can contact for assistance.


When do I renew my RMM

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members must hold a current RMM Certificate. Certificates expire on 31 December of the third year following completion. If your Risk Management Module Completion Certificate is to expire on 31 December this year then you are required to complete one of the available Risk Management Modules before the end of the current calendar year.

Not sure when you last completed a Risk Management Module?

Your CPD Diary in My Portal at shows your recent CPD event history.  If you have a current Completion Certificate from a Risk Management Module which is not listed in your CPD Diary please contact for assistance.


Advice for Membership Applicants

Applicants for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer or Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer must complete a Risk Management Module as part of the Future Property Professionals Program.  

Applicants for other levels of membership are not required to complete a Risk Management Module, however, are welcome to undertake one.

Completion requirements

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members are required to hold a current Risk Management Module Completion Certificate from an API approved Risk Management Module.  Risk Management Module Completion Certificates last for three years from 31 December in the year of completion. 

The number of parts which must be completed is determined by your previous completion of Risk Management Module:

  • Participants who are yet to complete an RMM must complete Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 (5 CPD points)
  • Participants who have already completed an RMM must complete Part 2 & Part 3 (3 CPD points).  Participants who have already completed an RMM are welcome to complete Part 1, however, such completion is not mandatory.

Risk Management Module pricing structure

Part 1: Introduction to RMM only (2 CPD points)$75.00$125.00
Part 2 & 3: Workshop & Assessment only (3 CPD points)*$225.00$375.00
* Part 2 and Part 3 are included in the one price  

About the Risk Management Modules

The Risk Management Module (RMM) program has been a requirement for practising Valuers since 2003 as a collective way to manage professional risk and ensure access to Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance.

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members must hold a current RMM Certificate. Certificates expire on 31 December of the third year following completion.

Applicants for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer (RPV) and Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) must complete a RMM as part of the Future Property Professionals Program.

RMM 2018 is a blended learning program combining self-paced online Introductory Module, live Interactive Workshop, Online Assessment and online resources. A Certificate is provided on successful completion.

For more information please go to

My first Risk Management Module

All current members and new applicants who undertake valuations of Australian property and are yet to complete a Risk Management Module must complete Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the Risk Management Module.

Risk Management Module pricing structure

Part 1: Introduction to RMM only (2 CPD points)$75.00$125.00
Part 2 & 3: Workshop & Assessment only (3 CPD points)*$225.00$375.00
* Part 2 and Part 3 are included in the one price  

Do I have to do the online Module all at once?

No, you do not have to do it all at once.  You can go in and out of the online module as often as they like.

Can the online assessment for RMM be paused mid-way?

You do not have to do the quiz/assessment all at once.  You can go in and out of the quiz as often as you like, and your answers can be saved.

How long do I have to complete the assessment? Does the link" run out"?

There is no time limit on the quiz.  Also, there are no limits on how many time you can go in and out of the quiz/assessment

Future Property Professionals (FPP)


Can I cancel my registration for a module?

As the Future Property Professionals program is delivered in an on-line environment, enabling it to be accessed at any time, no cancellations will be accepted.

You can choose not to complete the module, however, there will be no refund on offer for a module that is not completed.

Professional Development points

Do Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points accrue for the Future Property Professionals program?


Two (2) Continuing Professional Development points can be claimed for the completion of a FPP module.

There are two (2) exceptions to this.

  1. Risk Management Module (RMM): You will need to do the Introduction to Risk Management Module 2018 (online) and then do either:
    1. RMM 2018 Face-to-face workshop (2.5 CPD) and online assessment (0.5 CPD); or
    2. RMM 2018 Online version (includes assessment) (3 CPD)
  2. International Valuation Standards Module (2 CPD)

API Events

I am not receiving the API Member Rate

When I register for an event I do not receive Member Rates.  Why is that?

There could be three reasons for this. 

  1. Each Member has a member level access account created for them by the API so please do not create a "new account" as this new account will not be linked to your member privileges, including your discounted event registrations.

    API Members who have not logged into our website before or have forgotten their password should click If you're already an API member - reset your password to have access to your existing member benefits after you click Login to ensure that you are accessing the account with all of your member privileges attached to it.

  2. When you enter your email address as part of the Event Registration process you need to use the email address attached to your account.  That is the email address where you receive all of your API related emails.

  3. When you enter your email address as part of the Event Registration process you need to click the "Lookup" button so that the system can verify if you are a member or not and apply the correct pricing.

Online event registration

How do I register for an Online Event?

Step 1

Select on the online course you wish to enrol in from the list. 

Step 2

Details of the module will appear on the following screen (including description, CPD points and price).  

For online courses, registration discounts will only be applied or be visible when you are logged in.  Therefore it is important that anyone eligible for a discount is logged in prior to making a purchase.

Step 3

To order the Module, click Add to Cart

Step 4

When complete, a message will appear at the top of your page.

Step 5

When you have added all of the Online Courses and other API events/products that you wish to buy to your Cart please follow the steps in the Shopping Cart section of this document to finalise your purchase.

For assistance in making payment please see our How do I complete payment support.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance

CPD Diary

How do I use the CPD Diary?


API Members use the CPD Diary to:

  1. review the API Events they have attended and
  2. to add non-API CPD Events to their Record.

Which events do I need to upload?

  • Non-API Events need to be loaded by the Member.

API Events will be uploaded by API Staff so there is no need to upload these.


CPD Record Forms

CPD Record Forms are no longer available.  

CPD points are loaded by each Member to the API website via My Portal.  We encourage each Member to load their CPD activities as soon as they complete them.  This will help speed up access to your CPD Certificate at the end of the year but also allow you to see if there are any activities which the API is not able to accept under our CPD Rules.

Please see our support for How do I add an entry to my CPD Diary for a step by step guide to this process

Membership Applications

Applying for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer

How do I apply for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer?

Step 1

If you do not yet have an account with us please Create a New Account.  If you already have an account but have forgotten your password, please Reset your Password

Login to your account.

Step 2

On the Apply for Membership page, select Add to Cart against the level of wish to apply for 

Step 3

Your Application Fee is sent to your Cart. Follow the on screen prompts to checkout or go to your Cart (top left of screen on desktop on in the menu structure on mobile).  Once in your Cart, click on the ‘Checkout’ button.

Step 4

Complete the requested information and click on the Next button. 

Step 5

The confirmation page is shown so you can check the details entered. Click on the ‘Place order’ button to proceed or ‘Previous’ to change if necessary.

Step 6

Enter your credit card details as requested and click on the ‘Make Payment’ button.  Your Tax Invoice is sent in an email. This can be re-sent if necessary.

Step 7

You will be taken to the Payment summary page.  Under the Membership Applications section, this page will ask you to return to your My Portal to complete your application.

Step 8

Return to your My Portal where you will see steps that need to be taken to fill in the necessary information. 

Step 9

You will be asked a series of questions and asked to upload certain information including your academic transcript, work samples, referee reports and experience journal/s.

As each step is completed it will disappear from the list. 

Step 10

Once all of the steps have been completed, please go to the 'Assessment' option on the left side menu.  Please click on Request Assessment and complete the questions to finalise your application.