1.      Introduction to Rural Valuations – Online Module

The Education Team is still seeking appropriately experienced rural valuers to assist with the presentation of two topics for our online Introduction to Rural Valuation module.

The presentations are to be loosely based on the chapters in Rural Valuation: the Australian guide to complex rural valuation practice (Baxter & Cohen 2009), however we are not wanting a word-for-for presentation from the book, but your own words on the topic – from your knowledge, skills and experiences.

We estimate that the presentation would take between 30-60 mins – but will be guided by the presenter and the topic.  We do not need to go into great-detail, but present a brief overview of the topics, as we can then recommend further reading, etc. for people to follow up with.


The topics are:

  1. Geographic & Spatial Location, with the following to be covered:
    a.       Feasibility and land-use decision-making
    b.       Weather and Climate
    c.       Rainfall
    d.       Evaporation
    e.       Wind patterns
    f.        Temperature
    g.       Growing seasons
    h.       Topography
    i.         Soil
    j.         Leaching
    k.       Water movement in soil
    l.         Chemical reaction
    m.     Fertilisers
    n.       Farm size and shape
    o.       Land degradation
    p.       Other issues
    q.       Matching the district norms to plants and their needs
  2. The Impact of Management, with the following to be covered:
    a.       Land management
    b.       Developing a Business Plan
    c.       Management Strategies to cope with drought
    d.       Machinery use
    e.       Risk
    f.        Financing the farm
    g.       Investment and return
    h.       Sustainability

If you are interested in being one of the presenters, know someone who would make a great presenter in these subject areas or would like further information, please contact the API Education Team at education@api.org.au.

We will also be looking for people to present and assist at the state/territory workshops. You can email us to indicate your interest in this part of the course as well.

2.      Rural Valuations Workshop

We will be running  Rural Valuations Workshops in each state/territory (commencing later this year for Eastern states, then rolling out to other jurisdictions in 2020). The workshops will cover the specifics for the state/territory that they are run in.

There will be an overview of the state/territory rural environment, themes, trends, tips, data sources, etc.

We would also like to cover some case studies/presentations of particular areas specific to that jurisdiction that could include (depending on the state/territory) such topics as:

  • Particular Crops (unique or major to the state)
  • Particular Livestock (unique or major to the state)
  • Weather and Climate
  • Impact of other industries on rural land (e.g. mining, property development, etc.)

Other suggested topics for the workshops would be welcomed from members.

If you are interested in presenting in either the online module or workshops (or would just like to suggest topics or speakers) please let us know by filling in the expression of interest form below.

For further information or questions please contact:


Expression of Interest