Risk Management Module

The Risk Management Module (RMM) first started in 2003 to show that the Valuation Profession took risk management seriously and were therefore good candidates for professional indemnity insurance.

Valuers who are members of API are required to complete this compulsory module every three years to ensure that they are up-to-date and have the tools to get their risk management right.

Risk management training is important as it puts a consistent base line under the industry and what is acceptable in terms of quality, standards and risks, and provides a standard to which Valuers should operate as professionals in the business.

All API Members who undertake valuations of Australian property (intellectual, personal, real and leasehold property (including plant and machinery)) are required to hold a current RMM Completion Certificate.  

Applicants for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer and Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer must complete a RMM as part of the Future Property Professionals Program.  

Part 1: Introduction to RMM Module

2 hours / 2 CPD points

Part 1 of the RMM is mandatory only for new RMM participants; optional for others. This online module provides background learning to prepare new participants for the Interactive Workshop, and is a pre-requisite for Workshop enrolment. Can be completed progressively. Takes around 2 hours in all and concludes with a short quiz.

  • Introduction & Key Messages
  • Relevant History - Up and Down the Risk Curve
  • Fundamentals of Professional Liability
  • Proportionate Liability and the Capped Liability Scheme
  • Scope and Purpose    

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