Retired Membership

Retired membership is the API's membership level for those who have retired from all forms of paid work.

To be eligible for transfer to Retired membership each applicant must state:

  1. That I have retired from practice in the property profession, and 
  2. That I do not receive any fee, retainer or income from practicing in the property profession, and 
  3. That I am not engaged in any other profession or business.

Before applying for Retired membership, please ensure that you are aware of the requirements of transferring back to your current level of membership.  Please click here for more information on those requirements.


To apply for Retired membership:

  1. Download and complete the API's Retired Member Declaration Form
  2. Complete the details in the form below (if you are unable to see the form below, please Login)
  3. Upload the Retired Member Declaration where requested below.

Applications will take up to 4 weeks to process and the API will contact you once your request has been reviewed and a decision made.

API Members who have logged in will see the form below.  If you cannot see the form below, please Login to view the form.