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At the dawn of Europe, an extraordinary Greek philosopher-engineer-biologist named Aristotle strove to develop a code that the good person could live by. Aristotle’s concepts have much resonance with us today. Although there are differences in the way in which we perceive things, basically we all share the same aspirations and needs.

This new edition will be of value to the globally-focused engineer and scientist; it includes case studies from both developed and developing nations to help students and practitioners unravel the complexities of ethical practice in the 21st Century. It is testament to the global and indefatigable nature of our scientific community that 2,300 years after Aristotle, we might derive the same conclusions as he did.

About the Author

John St James Stewart Buckeridge is currently Professor of Natural Resources Engineering and Head of the School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia.

In 2004 he was elected Honorary Professor at Hochschule Wismar, University of Technology, Business and Design, Germany. He is a Councillor of the Royal Society of Victoria and is President of both the International Union of Biological Sciences and the International Society of Zoological Sciences.

His academic interests are reflected in his publications, which span geotechnical engineering, geology, palaeobiology, marine biology, systematics and ethics.


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