Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards 2018

Every current Valuation and Property Standard on one USB
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Every current Valuation and Property Standard on one USB.  The USB contains the following:

  • Introduction to Valuation and Property Standards
  • API Code of Professional Conduct
  • PINZ Code of Ethics
  • PINZ Rules of Conduct
  • Valuations for Compulsory Acquisitions
  • Valuation Procedures - Real Property
  • Valuations for Mortgage and Loan Security Purposes
  • Valuations for Compulsory Acquisitions    
  • Valuations for Use in Offer Documents
  • Assessing Rental Value [Withdrawn 8 Feb 2018]
  • NZ Valuation of Houses under Construction
  • Disclaimer Clauses and Qualification Statements 
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Property Insurance Management
  • Leasing Agent Services
  • Land Contamination Issues
  • Native Title Issues
  • NZ Valuation of Contaminated Land
  • NZ Countersigning of Valuation Reports Prepared by Unregistered Valuers
  • PropertyPRO Residential Valuation and Security Assessment Proforma Supporting Memorandum
  • Restricted Assessment Proforma
  • Restricted Valuation Supporting Memorandum
  • Acting as an Expert Witness
  • Acting as an Expert Witness Resource Pack
  • Property Advisors
  • Property Advisors Resource Pack
  • Methods of Measurement [Aus only]
  • Development Management
  • Preparing a Property for Sale
  • Property Research Guidelines
  • Retrospective Valuations
  • Market Value of Property, Plant & Equipment in a Business
  • Addressing the Concept of ‘Forced Sale’
  • Valuations for Insurance Purposes
  • Valuation of Self Storage Facilities
  • The Valuation of Partial Interests in Property held within Co-Ownership Structures
  • Valuation of Accommodation Hotels
  • Valuations of Real Property, Plant & Equipment for Use in Australian Financial Reports
  • Market Value of Rural and Agribusiness Properties
  • Assessing Rent and Rent Determinations
  • NZ Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Property
  • Valuations of Real Property, Plant & Equipment for use in New Zealand Financial Reports
  • Standard Instructions for Office, Industrial & Retail Valuations 1.0
  • BONUS: Australian Banking & Finance Industry Residential Valuation Standing Instructions Version 2.1


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