Legal Responses to Climate Change - The Federation Press

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The challenges of climate change pose problems requiring new and innovative legal responses by legal practitioners, government officials and corporate officers. 

This book addresses a broad range of topic areas where climate change has impact and systematically analyses the key legal responses to climate change, both at the international level and within Australia at federal, State and local levels. 
In particular, it critically examines:

  • the rights, duties and market mechanisms established under the international climate change regime 
  • the effect of climate change policies on the implementation of environmental and planning laws 
  • new regimes for the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives 
  • legal frameworks for the implementation of biological and geological sequestration projects (including forest projects and carbon rights); and 
  • legal principles for the design of an effective carbon trading scheme for Australia 

It also considers the role of the common law including:

  • the likely response of the law of torts to emerging forms of climate change harm; and 
  • potential liabilities for professionals who must take climate change into account in their decision-making and advice

Author: Dr Nicola Durrant

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