Technical Information Papers

The principal objective of a Technical Information Paper, also known as a TIP, is to reduce diversity of practice by identifying commonly accepted processes and procedures and discussing their use. A TIP is designed to be of assistance to property professionals and informed users alike.

A Technical Information Paper will do one or more of the following:

  • provide information on the characteristics of different types of asset that are relevant to the advice,
  • provide information on appropriate practices and their application,
  • provide information that is helpful to property professionals in exercising the judgements they are required to make in specific situations.

A Technical Information Paper does not:

  • provide training or instruction,
  • direct that a particular approach or method should or should not be used in any specific situation.

The contents of a Technical Information Paper are not intended to be mandatory. Responsibility for choosing the most appropriate approach is the responsibility of the property professional based on the facts of each task.

Whilst Technical Information Papers are not mandatory, it is likely they will serve as a comparative measure of the level of performance of a Member. They are an integral part of “Professional Practice”.

The reader should understand that legislation may change and whilst a Technical Information Paper is accurate and relevant at the time it was completed, relevant referred reading and legislation should be investigated at the time of relying on a Technical Information Paper.

Technical Information Papers released by the API recognise the International Valuation Standards (IVS) . The guidance in the papers listed below presumes that the reader is familiar with these International Valuation Standards.

To access historical Guidance Notes please click here for previous versions of the Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards.

Real Property Technical Information Papers

Acting as an Expert Witness (ANZRPTIP 1)

Property Advisors (ANZRPTIP 2) 

Methods of Measurement (ARPTIP 3)
Development Management (ANZRPTIP 4)
Preparing a Property for Sale (ANZRPTIP 5)
Property Research Guidelines (ANZRPTIP 6)
Leasing Agent Services (ANZRPTIP 7)

Valuation Technical Information Papers

Retrospective Valuations (ANZVTIP 1)

Market Value of Property, Plant & Equipment in a Business (ANZVTIP 2)

Forced Sale (ANZVTIP 3)

Valuation for Insurance Purposes (ANZVTIP 4)

Self Storage Facilities (ANZVTIP 5)

The Valuation of Partial Interests in Property held within Co-ownership Structures (ANZVTIP6)

Valuation of Accommodation Hotels (ANZVTIP7)

Valuations of Real Property, Plant & Equipment for Use in Australian Financial Reports (AVTIP 8)

Fair Value

Market Value of Rural and Agribusiness Properties (ANZVTIP 9)
Assessing Rent and Rent Determinations (AVTIP 10)
Valuation Procedures - Real Property (ANZVTIP 11)

Valuations for Mortgage and Loan Security Purposes (ANZVTIP 12)


Previous versions of the Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards can be downloaded here


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